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Parsons Little Scholars

Arlington's 1st Gold Seal Center

Parsons Little Scholars is a 5-time Gold Seal of Excellence recipient for quality care, and we were the first child care center to be awarded the Governor’s Gold Seal of Excellence in 1998. Since then, very few child care centers in Florida have received this award. Parsons Little Scholars just received their fifth review and passed with “golden colors”, and is the only Arlington center to receive the governor’s Gold Seal five times.

Parsons Little Scholars
Parsons Little Scholars

Florida's 1st ELLM Center

Early Literacy Learning Model (ELLM)

Parsons Little Scholars worked with The University of North Florida and several other collaborators to become one of the prototype centers for the Early Learning and Literacy Model (ELLM) designation. The ELLM is a research-based early literacy curriculum and instructional support system for children in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and their families and teachers.

5-Star Rating by The Early Learning Coalition of Duval County (ELC)
The ELC was created to organize, regulate, and evaluate the quality of child care. They have worked very closely with participating centers and awarded their 5-Star Rating to Parsons Little Scholars.

Parsons Little Scholars
Parsons Little Scholars
Parsons Little Scholars

Jacksonville's Only Platinum Seal Center

Parsons Little Scholars developed the first Platinum Seal for child care with several unique elements, including:

  • A professional all-volunteer Advisory Board of Directors to provide guidance and direction for our center.
  • Members included a Board Certified Pediatrician, a Psychologist, a State Safety Inspector, a Board Certified Psychiatrist, a Psychotherapist and Nurse Practitioner, a Dietician, and especially many interested parents who want to partner with their teachers.
  • A superior curriculum was originally developed in 1997 by the Florida teacher of the year and the Advisory Board. When the first kindergarten class graduated, they were reading at the 3rd-grade level. Parents requested that Parsons Little Scholars open Parsons Christian Academy for K through 12th grade to continue with the academic and social advances that their children had enjoyed. Click on: Parsons Christian Academy for their website.
  • Pioneering pathways in early education by exploring new methods of addressing the child's total needs, including social development, beginning the critical neural network development from 6 weeks to three years, and ensuring health and safety care in a loving and caring environment.
  • Suppose you are accepted and can partner with our Gold Seal/Platinum Seal teachers. In that case, your child can develop with the benefits you, Parsons Little Scholars, and Parsons Christian Academy can bestow to help prepare your children for a successful and satisfying future. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you and the community. If your children are your #1 priority, call us to explore how we can best serve your needs. If you partner with our teachers, we will not stop until you are satisfied.

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