About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission at Parsons Little Scholars is to offer private child care (six weeks old through pre-kindergarten) with a daily curriculum designed specifically to enhance and stimulate the creative minds of each age level. We offer your child the opportunity, through small classes and individual instruction, to learn and discover at their own pace. Our students, alumni, parents, and staff are the driving force for the betterment of the economic, social, cultural, and recreational life of our community through life-long learning and active engagement.

Parsons Little Scholars

Our Philosophy

We believe that self-confidence and a healthy self-image are foundations a child can build upon to develop his/her own special personality. We provide a secure and loving atmosphere that allows your child to develop and grow in social and emotional maturity. Positive encouragement, through trial and error, and the joy of accomplishment is rewarding assets in developing your child’s growing abilities and self-esteem. We are interested in and encourage your comments, ideas, and suggestions regarding your child’s development. We are constantly striving to improve our total care and increase our knowledge of early childhood education to combine the best qualities of home and school. With your help, we can provide the best “home away from home” environment for your child. We have a unique Parsons Platinum Seal Advisory Board with a Pediatrician, a Psychologist, a Nurse Practitioner, a Dietitian, a Psychotherapist, and especially many Interested Parents like you. Ask how you can participate.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to help your child expand their potential for social and educational growth and develop and promote their emotional and physical well-being. We will provide a safe, stimulating, and clean environment where your children learn.

We thank you for allowing us the privilege of being a part of your child’s total growing process.